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ccrealestate@...; Subject: Unbelievable!

Dear Most Everyone I've met,

I'm now the San Francisco Libertarian Examiner, writing daily news
commentary from a Libertarian perspective. Go on. Click on it. That's why
I'm writing this.

Due to an arcane compensation model that is beyond my control and well over
my head, I am paid based on who reads, (or rather clicks on) the articles.
It's so much fun to click around! - Try it!

Some of you may be wondering "who in the hell is this Justin guy?" Well
click right here and my picture may jog your memory in case you want to
thank me in person/punch me in the face the next time we cross paths/swords.
You'll probably want to click on that one anyway - it's a pretty good
looking picture. Then click on this twice. Now do it again.

Wait... look at this - Here's an article on drug decriminalization that
worked in Portugal...
Oh my god! Here's one on how Obama is thinking about blowing up the arctic
to save the climate!

I suggest forwarding this to your friends for their own edification. Maybe
include a tantalizing subject line, like:

"Freshest Voice in American Journalism!", or
"Get a Load of this Mongoloid!" or

Also make sure to include a thinly veiled threat to ensure that they click
on the links. If you can physically force them to sign up for the RSS feed
that'd be great, but blackmail is usually just as effective and can easily
be conducted over long distances via email. In fact, if you don't forward
this to your friends and forcibly get them to click on stuff, I'll tell
everyone that secret you told me in confidence that would totally ruin your
life if anyone but me found out. You know the one.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with Libertarians, we usually don't like the
government at all - we are generally described as very socially liberal and
very fiscally conservative. I don't approve of most government action, but
so help me god I would be at your door in one minute with the secret police
to force you to click these links if it were in my power.

If you don't want to recieve any emails from me anymore in the future, click
here to be removed from the list. Just kidding. That was another link to my



P.S. - there will be new articles up by me almost every day, so make sure to
check back often. I don't want to have to send you another strongly worded

Hurray...good job Justin.

Clicks all around and a signup for you articles...

Thanks for this.

Michael Denny

Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Dear All;

After Dr. Mike posted this I wrote to Justin and he responded. I copied his response below and invited him to join the next LPSF meeting. Which he may be able to do in May but not today.

And for whomever does this please get an email invite to him to join the membership of lpsf-discuss@... and/or

Use his name of Justin Clarke and his email of justinrclarke@...

Hi Ron,

Thanks for the kind words. I'd have included more in my bio, but we're limited to 35 words - rough, I know. I'm actually out of town for the weekend, but I'd love to stop by the next LP meeting in SF. It sounds fun and pretty interesting.

For a breif sketch of who I am/where I'm coming from:

I'm originally from San Luis Obispo, and I went to college at UC Berkeley, where I double-majored in Philosophy and Development Studies (economic and social development, not psychological). I originally got turned on to liberty through Ayn Rand my second week of college, and haven't looked back since. I spent a few years in the Objectivist camp, but became gradually disenchanted with their foreign policy, and their philosophical dogmatism (I think there are many paths to libertarianism, and I'm not so sure feuding with libertarian buddhists about metaphysics makes any practical sense). Rothbard edged me into full-blown anarcho-capitalism, and that's where I currently reside ideologically.

Also, I primarily check my gmail account ( justinrclarke@... ) more than this one, so in the future if you would wirte to me there I would appreciate it. I didn't know what kind of response my column would generate, and thought it better to start another account in case hoards of people wrote in to call me an idiot.

Thanks for the note, and I hope my expanded bio helps out a little. Hopefully I'll be able to swing by the next meeting, and we can chat.


Justin Clarke

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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