San Francisco Chronicle article by former Congressman mentions growing buildup in US of concentration camps and railcars equipped with shackles

Dear Jeff;

Here's a web site to the FEMA Concentration camps from a posting going back 3 years ago.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

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Shirley Golub is a Democrat for Congress, District 8, essentially running
against Phil Berg.
I noticed that Golub uses the Statue of Liberty on her website. It appears
on every page on the left side and in the same orientation as the LPSM site,
for example. Yet her website does not seem to contain the word Democrat.
Perhaps she will make signs or literature with the same theme:

May I suggest asking her to change this a little? If she added the word
³Democrat² or reoriented the Statue of Liberty she would avoid any confusion
with the LPSF.

Even if nobody cares about her impact on this race‹she will probably lose
and Phil Berg will be on the ballot in November‹ it might be a good idea to
object, at least.

For Liberty,

Harland Harrison