Sam Sloan is a Candidate for Election to US Congress

Sam Sloan is a Candidate for Election to US Congress

I am a candidate for United States Congress for the 13th Congressional
District of New York which includes Harlem, Spanish Harlem, Washington
Heights, Marble Hill and North Bronx.

I did not announce before now because I wanted to fly under the radar until
I was sure I was on the ballot.

My two main campaign issues I want to emphasize are (1) I want to bring the
troops home and end all American involvement in Wars in the Middle East. I
will campaign to stop all bombing and sending of troops to Iraq, Iran,
Afghanistan and Syria and I will seek to end all American aid to the
financing of those wars. Let those people fight and kill each other forever
but America will stay out of it (2) I want to bring about the economic
development of Northern Manhattan and the Bronx. The Bronx especially is
filled with toxic waste dumps and abandoned and burned out buildings in
areas which should be the prime areas of the Bronx next to the rivers. The
reason these areas remain abandoned is because the current left-wing
Congressmen are opposed to the development of these areas. I will change

I will also try to emphasize the fact that I have long been a recognized
chess master (even though my rating has dropped in the last few years) and
I am the only candidate who actually lives in the Bronx.

I am running to fill the seat of Charles Rangel who has occupied this seat
for 45 years since 1971 and is retiring at age 85.

I received good news today when I learned that I have been given first
position on the ballot. However, do not think that this will be an easy
victory. I am running against a star-studded field of 9 candidates many of
whom are rich and famous. All of them have more money than I do. Here are
my principal opponents:

Adam Clayton Powell IV has to be the favorite because he is the son of the
famous Congressman, Adam Clayton Powell. He even has a street and a
building named after him. I do not understand why others think he will not

Keith Wright is the son of the most famous New York Supreme Court Justice
in the history of New York State. I knew his father, Judge Bruce Wright.
The New York Post and News even had a nickname for his father. They called
him “Turn 'Em Loose Bruce”. Do you remember him now?

Suzan Johnson Cook is a pastor who has been appointed to a number of
political positions under presidents Clinton and Obama. She was United
States Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom under
President Obama.

Adriano Espaillat is a New York State Assemblyman from the Dominican
Republic. He ran twice for this seat in the US Congress against Charles
Rangel, losing narrowly both times. He may be one reason why Charles Rangel
decided not to run again. He is a member of the New York State Senate and a
former member of the New York State Assembly. I believe he is the only
member of the New York State Senate from the Dominican Republic.

*Clyde Williams* has been Political Director of the Democratic National
Committee and Domestic Policy Adviser to former President Bill Clinton. He
has been appointed to many political positions. He is said to have raised a
half million dollars in campaign contributions and has the most money of
any candidate.

Guillermo Linares is from the Dominican Republic and is a member of the New
York State Assembly. He is the only candidate who did not appear for a
debate last Friday.

Mike Gallagher Unfortunately this is a common name with more than 20 people
with that name so I do not know which one he is.

Yohanny M. Caceres is said to be a descendant of Ramón Cáceres, a former
president of the Dominican Republic, who ruled from 1906 to 1911.

You are entitled to ask: What chance does a poor boy like me from deep in
Rebel Territory, most famous for having my name on toilet bowels, have
against such a star studded field? I do not have a good answer to that
question except to hope that these big shots knock each other out and give
me a chance to sneak through in a tortoise against hare type victory.

Sam Sloan