{Salon Liberty} congress tries not just for censorship but for *prior restraint*

Dear Everyone;

I am forwarding this to you from another Libertarian oriented yahoo group but it impacts us all whether we like it or not as an attempt to usurp the First Amendment on free speech. In freedom of speech and the press the good old US ranks 57th worldwide - think about that for a little bit - 56 other countries rank higher in press freedom.

This proposed bill section is the most onerous bald-faced attempt by Congress to stifle the littlest critics and exempt the big critics with a supposed lobbying bill for small time Congressional critics. Please read it and call your local Congressperson or US Senator.

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Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

I believe it is too late to contact your senator. I just heard on the news
that SB1 has been passed overwhelmingly in the Senate tonight by a vote of
96 to 2. This "Lobbyist Reform/Ethics Bill" is one of the cornerstones of
Nancy Pelosi's First 100 Hours initiative. If the President signs off on
this nonsense, I guess I will have to register myself as a lobbyist since I
maintain a blog at http://armadillodreaming.blogspot.com, or else face
federal prosecution and prison time.

Wishful thinking, I guess. My blog has to have a minimum of 500 visitors to
qualify, so I am probably safe for now.

So please, please, please DO NOT click on
http://armadillodreaming.blogspot.com or send any of your friends to that
site. I don't want to go to prison.

Terry Floyd