Russo Film

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> I'm interested in your thoughts and reactions anent the Russo film.

The good: Makes a strong case for the illegality of the income tax.
Does a reasonable job of discrediting the Federal Reserve.

The not-so-good: Failed to address or even mention the IRS document
that directly refutes the tax protestor positions. I knew about that
and I'm no expert on the subject! Lacks the polish (effects,
lighting) of a medium budget Moore documentary. Several non-sequitors
in the form of unsubstantiated 20 second afterthoughts in the last
third of the movie. Two that stand out are an attack on illegal
immigrants and WTC7 conspiracy suggestion. Starchild noticed a couple
of other items which he will probably elaborate on.

Conclusion: It is an outreach piece, designed to get the layman angry
or at least to start asking questions. I think it will enjoy moderate
success among the converted.

I wish I could be more positive, but I'm just not on board with the
NWO conspiracy thing.



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