Rush Limbagh - Busted?

I missed it.
Purposely, I tuned into Rush this morning, having the feeling
he'd have something to say about the accusations as to his
alleged drug problem. He's been uncharacteristically silent
on this issue for several days, ever since he said 'I first have
to see what this whole thing is all about.'

Well, as most of you probably know by now, he's admitted it.
At the end of today's broadcast, he stated that he is addicted
to prescription pain killers. He further stated that he would be
talking a leave of absence of thirty days while he checks himself
into a drug treatment program to, as he put it, 'permanently break
the hold these drugs have on me'.

I know that many Libertarians and more than a few Conservatives
are ready to gloat over this. "My, how low the mighty have fallen"
they will say. "The big drug warrior is 'more equal' than the rest of
us", I imagine will be a common refrain among the Rush bashers.

Now is not the time for such animosity towards Rush.

Rush is a consummate gentleman that has done the freedom
movement a huge amount of good. He's a 60-90 small 'L'
libertarian-Conservative, who's an honest, sincere person.
He single handedly revolutionized the talk radio business
and has been quite generous in his support of freedom,
often at his own expense.

Rush has not been bashful about holding Republicans or
even President Bush's feet to the fire about taxes, budget
deficits, waste or corruption.

But, that's not what I want to talk about today.
If we attack Rush about the difficult situation he finds himself in,
if we call him a hypocrite for his support for the war on drugs, he'll
immediately be on the defensive. At that point, we'll lose the
opportunity to educate him as to the ills caused by prohibition.

No, let's support him as he's supported us.

Now I know that there will be Libertarian and even Conservatives
that will attack me for my position on this. But Bruce, but Bruce,
they will say. But Bruce, he deserves it. He's not 100% in agreement
with me or my group on this particular issue or the other.

Well, screw that. He's a genuinely good and honorable person.
He's not in support of any political position for any agenda or
reason other than it's what he honestly believes in. Unlike many
politicos and pundits, he has no ax to grind other than being in
favor of what he thinks is right, and I mean 'right' as in correct.

Rush is entitled to be wrong, as are we.
My point is that he's also entitled to some compassion.
He has taken huge risks on behalf of the freedom movement.
What his stand is on the war on drugs isn't what this is all about.

What this is about is a real person, who was in need of help,
was unable to seek it, due to the unfair and unreasonable
drug and medical regulations in this country. By us showing
our understanding and support for this great man, we give him
an opportunity to examine his perspective on this very important
issue from a new viewpoint.

Rush has been a great ally to the freedom movement.
He's supported us in many ways.
Rush endorsed many if not most of the viewpoints
Libertarians and Conservatives hold dear. As well,
he believes in the overall principles we believe in,
despite differing with us on a few key points.
His strong belief in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
is rarely heard. He's one of the strongest supporters
of the Second Amendment, and of privatization of
Social Security, both quite accurately described as
'third rails'. He's given a forum to Walter Williams
and other Libertarians, allowing them to differ with him,
giving them free and no-holds-barred access to his
personal 'Golden EIB Microphone'.

Rush is sick. This is a medical problem.
If it becomes a legal issue, we should all rally to
his support.

Let's hope that this is an enlightening time for Rush.
He'll have many hours of introspection when he takes
his hiatus from his beloved radio show and audience.

Rush, I love and support you.
As Sean Hannity and I expect many others line up behind you,
so do I.

Rush, get well soon.

Copyright October 2003, Bruce Cohen
Permission is granted to transmit this to any discussion group
or radio broadcast.
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I'm curious if he broke the law and if so if he'll be prosecuted. Any chance he'll become a legalization advocate?

-- Steve