[ronpaul-77] Question of Dr. Paul

Right on, Andrew! First of all, THANK YOU for questioning Dr. Ron Paul and even more so questioning the SYSTEM. The Powers that Be are HOPING that the young folks won't get on board because of the abortion issue, the desire to close the borders and RESPECT The rule of law and respect the THOUSANDS of people PATIENTLY waiting their turn to immigrate legally, and the gay marriage issue.

First off, let me give you some history on me: 31 years old, ardent FEMINIST (that means I believe in EQUAL pay for equal work and equal rights.) Personally, my feelings on abortion are conflicted, as are so many people's! I'm a college professor, (albeit just an adjunct as a rich, evil Rudy Guiliani person SNEERED at me the other day...but we won't go there...) I'm well-educated and I CARE about women's rights, human rights in general, and do care about the abortion issue.

I have had a child LIVING inside my body before. So I think I can speak with WAY more clarity on this issue than ANY man. If you don't have the remote possibility of becoming pregnant today (although these Dr. Frankenstein cloners are probably working feverishly to create artificial wombs Brave New World or Matrix style as we speak!) I think you CANNOT speak to this issue the way a woman can.

First of all, I, as a WOMAN know a hell of a lot more what it feels like to be female, to have a uterus, and more so to have had a CHILD living inside my body. It's incredible. Amazing. One feminist friend said she was grossed out by the concept---that it must be like the scene in 'Alien' where there is this THING living inside you. Haha! It's NOT a 'thing' and the word 'fetus' is a cold, inhuman way of speaking about it. Fetus is Latin for 'offspring'--please correct me if I'm wrong.

Okay. So let's break it down elemental style. First off, is the fetus ALIVE? Yes or no? I would say yes. There is a fetus alive BEFORE the abortion, whereas afterward, it's not alive any more--it's removed, it's, sorry to say...DEAD. Kaput. Doesn't exist. Our little problem is all gone. Flushed away. Medical waste. Don't worry your pretty little head over it. Keep the secret. Keep the LIE that virginity is what determines a woman's worth and that women being sexual is a "SIN" and that we are 'temptresses' etc. Keep the lie that being sexual is something to be shameful, a dirty little secret.

Sure, some might say the fetus is 'just a clump of cells'....but they are LIVING cells. Aren't you and I and all animals and even plants NOTHING but a clump of living cells?

Second, JUST BECAUSE something is INSIDE your body, does that mean it is PART of your body? Not to be crass, but when you have sexual intercourse your penis is INSIDE a woman's body. Should she have the right to shred it off with a D and C curette because it's INSIDE her body and she may not want it there anymore?

Or, if you have a pacemaker, is that piece of metal or plastic a PART of your body just because it is in you? I would say no. It's INSIDE you but NOT a 'part of you.'

Fetuses (aka humans before they are born) have separate heart beats, brainwaves, fingerprints, and DNA from their mothers. They are NOT a 'PART' of the mother's body.

Also, look at it from this point of view. If you want to know why ANYTHING evil happens in this world, follow the money trail.

Abortion is a multi MILLION dollar if not billion dollar INDUSTRY. Abortions are NOT cheap! And now they are federally funded.

WHY should a person who morally opposes abortion (Observant Jews, Christians, Muslims, and many other religions also find abortion morally incorrect) be forced to spend THEIR tax dollars on something they oppose? Such as this evil, sham war?

I AM Pro-Life. I AM pro-peace. That means that I OPPOSE war, OPPOSE the death penalty, and OPPOSE abortion on moral grounds. I think it should be left to the CITIZENS of different states to decide whether it should be legal, NOT the central government.

Even though I am pro-choice in the cases of rape, incest, and to save the life of the mother, and in other rare cases, I think it should be left to the PEOPLE of states to decide this issue. Example: A more 'progressive' state such as California and Vermont might vote to make abortion legal. And more 'conservative' states like South Dakota might vote to make it illegal.

What about poor women who cannot afford to fly to California for an abortion? NARAL, NOW, and these other vehement pro-abortion groups (WELL funded groups I might add) can pay for abortion 'scholarships' to fly the women to get the abortions. AND they can take care of that woman afterward for a week, make sure she doesn't bleed to death, etc. As it is now these creeps are more concerned with MONEY than with a woman's 'right to choose'.

Look at PHOTOS of aborted fetuses. Why does that gross you out? After all, it's 'JUST a clump of cells,' right?

WHY do they get so mad when people hold up horrid photos of dead fetuses which were found in the 'medical waste' bins outside abortion mills? I'll tell you why, because THEN you cannot deny TRUTH: that these are indeed HUMAN 'fetuses' which are dying for profits. Just like this sham war.

Last of all, back alley abortions were RARE and there WERE doctors willing to perform them illegally, that coat hanger thing is MAINLY a myth, though I won't deny that it certainly did happen. Which makes me VERY sad.

Also, the women who are having abortions are MAINLY young, healthy women. They are often in college or grad school and 'not ready' for a baby. I can TOTALLY understand. NONETHELESS there are so few healthy, particularly white babies, available to adopt in the US that people are paying $20,000 and more to adopt babies from China and Guatemala, among other places. These babies ARE wanted! Just not by the young women who are having the abortions.

I wish that abortion was not a convenience, that it took a REAL effort to get one, so that women would think twice about so many things--whether to get sexually involved in the first place, then whether to be 'carried away' so much that they neglect to be careful about birth control, then, whether it's so 'SHAMEFUL' for women to be sexual in the first place that they need the 'excuse' of drugs or alcohol to take away the stigma of female desire.

As Mother Theresa said, when spoken to of the grinding poverty of India--the people there often RESPECT life, even though their lives can be very difficult. It's a POVERTY that a child must die so that you may live as you wish! (PS I'm NOT Catholic, but I love Mother Theresa and ANY ONE who loves and serves the poor, the sick, the dying. PS I am WELL AWARE that she took money from dirty hands, but the point is that she spent it CARING for poor and sick with AIDS, etc. What a good human being!)

Sorry hope this answers all your questions. Dont' let the World's scoffing at all religion and decency get in your way of TRUTH.