[ronpaul-568] CA Republican Convention

In four weeks (Feb 24-26) is the semi-annual Republican Convention, at the
Hyatt Burlingame.

Does anyone want to attend? We could buy a table outside the meeting room,
if we had anyone to sit there, to give out bumper stickers and stuff.
Several people, in shifts, would be best. It is only about an hour to get
there from here. The deadline to get a table is Friday, so let me know right
away, in the next day or two, if you are interested! It would be nice to
have a "Ron Paul" presence there.

I don't know when the table would have to have someone there. Maybe you can
figure this out from the website:
http://www.cagop.org/index.cfm/convention.htm and report back to us.

I will also check with the SF meetup, to see if they are already planning