Ronald Reagan...

Hi Steve,

The ‘Reagan’ press release was not meant to endorse everything Reagan accomplished (or maybe more importantly, didn’t), but was more in the way of a rememberance. There are plenty of opinion pieces published on various libertarian web sites that go into more depth regarding the victories and loses from a libertarian perspective attributable to Reagan. The general consensus is that he “talked the talk” but failed to “walk the walk.” Why he failed to stem the tide of government will be left to better historians than myself. However, in this type of piece it did not seem appropriate to criticize the man.

I tried to, given the time constraint, find fairly libertarian quotes to use. One might consider some of these as applied to the current administration. Not a flattering comparison for Bush, I’d say.

I was asked to prepare this release by several members of the CA ExCom, and it was reviewed before going out. Don’t take this as the start of a trend of Libertarian press releases supporting Republicans!