Ron Paulians Swarm Minneapolis

Ron Paulians Swarm Minneapolis
Posted by Anthony Gregory at 11:33 PM
What a time! Thousands of us filling up the streets here. I met some top Republicans from the city party, which was largely taken over by Paulians, I hear. But that's as Republican as it gets - the Big Government Party is also around here, supposedly, but so far I have been lucky not to encounter many of its members.

This right here is a great libertarian convention, despite Ron's Republican affiliation, with more than ten times as many attendees as the convention I went to in Denver (which nominated a Republican, despite its Libertarian affiliation).

There are paleocons, radicals, Constitutionalists, left-libertarians, right-libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, classical liberals, plenty of Rothbardians and fans of LRC and Mises (I've been asked more than once if I've ever heard of this site). What a movement! The freedom movement I've always dreamed up: a realignment of fellow travelers of all backgrounds, all philosophical origins, all faiths and ethnic backgrounds and lifestyles, with much to discuss and disagree about but much more to agree about: That it is time to dismantle the corporate welfare state, the police state, and especially the empire.

This here Ron Paul Revolution thing will prove itself important for decades. It has given a whole new life to the libertarian movement, and the many young people I have seen just so far - and again, things haven't yet really started here - are most encouraging.

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