Ron Paul supporters and prospects for the LP


  There are currently 397 members of the San Francisco Ron Paul Meetup group (see ). Many of them are Libertarians, but I don't think a majority, let alone a super-majority. That's more than twice as many members than the LPSF has, so even if every single LPSF member belonged to the local Ron Paul Meetup group it would account for less than half of the local registered Ron Paul supporters.

  Reading through the member comments, the closest mention I see to anything about being Christian conservatives or closing the borders is a person who identifies as a "Buchananite Populist-nationalist." (Can you name any Ron Paul supporters you've met locally who appear to be Christian conservatives or close-the-border types?) By contrast, many SF Ron Paul Meetup group members mention the Constitution and Bill of Rights or make pro-freedom comments; many describe themselves as small-l "libertarians"; at least one person describes himself as "libertarian leaning"; another reports being an "ex-Democrat/Green"; another reports being 28 years old and never even wanting to vote until Ron Paul; another is a self-described "moderate/independent"; another says he'd "never thought I'd support a Republican"; another says "I used to consider myself a democrat before listening to ron talk"; another is a self-described "Murray Rothbard style Anarcho-capitalist" (and it's *not* someone I recognize); etcetera.

  Logically, one would not expect an influx of these folks to the LP now, while Ron Paul is in the race as a Republican and they need to be registered with that party to vote for him. But after the primaries are over, I think we will have a strong opportunity to attract new members from among RP supporters. In fact I think we ought to organize an event for that specific purpose. The goals would be:

(1) Give Ron Paul supporters the message that the fight for liberty will continue after the campaign
(2) Educate them about the Non-Aggression Principle, the history of our party, the pledge, what we stand for, how the party is organized, etc.
(3) Get them to join the Libertarian Party and get involved as activists

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))