Ron Paul presents a libertarian road map for a freedom-minded occupant of the Oval Office

Detailed libertarian proposals on "how to get from here to there" are sometimes hard to come by, but Ron Paul does a terrific job in this piece of laying out some reasonable-sounding yet quite radical steps that a libertarian U.S. president could take to advance freedom and bring back the Constitution. We can only hope that he or someone of like mind gets the opportunity to put this plan to the test before things go from bad to worse!

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

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Thank you for the post, Starchild. This is a good list of "to do's." A couple of thinks I found particularly interesting:

1) The list says that a freedom-minded president would signal the subsequent election of like-minded congresspeople, which would be needed for changes in legislation to occur. I am wondering if the converse would also be true, a la "Tea Party" and other grassroots movements; witness the "Palooza" taking place right now to support liberty-minded candidates, which could point eventually to the election of a like-minded president.

2) Another item I found interesting is that Social Security and Medicare would be voluntary, with those that chose not to participate foregoing the receipt of benefits. I am wondering if Dr. Paul realizes that most wage earners do not see the connection between the withholdings on their paychecks and what the withholdings are for! A payroll service provider like myself can attest to that!!

A list such as Dr. Paul's would be useful at all levels. At some point "we" (I know, who?) at LPSF should come up a comprehensive list for resizing local government!