Ron Paul On Immigration

Dear Dr. Mike,

While Ron Paul has not introduced anti-gay legislation - he is considered to be an ally and supports an organization which does try to get anti-gay legislation enacted - that's the crux of the matter.

You are whom associate with and when you support such an organization it rubs off on you and the public perception of who you are - which means people who are aware he is toted as a "Libertarian" while running as a Republican could get the impresssion Libertarians are also allied with the Traditional Values Coaltion and its stance about being anti-gay and very homophobic.

This is exactly the converse of what Libertarians stand for and don't stand for - freedom of choice.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

BTW: As an aside to Paul's statism on immigration - one of the firms hired as a government contractor to build the wall across the border got busted for hiring illegal aliens. :slight_smile:

BTW BTW: The government bust of Swift Meatpacking and it's hiring of 144 illegal aliens out of 15,000 workers by an army of 1,000 federal agents left out the fact that since 1997 Swift has voluntarily participated in a government program for vetting new hires known as Basic Pilot. Under this system, the names and Social Security numbers of all job applicants are checked against a federal database. The illegal workers at Swift is not the result of the company's fault it's the result of the flawed government system for determining who's eligible to work here. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: