Ron Paul in SF on 9/4

Hey All,

How does everyone feel about the YAL event this weekend?

Here 's the information and the link:

Sheila Dean

At this point, the bar is set so low after Beck's spectacle last weekend,
that it should hopefully be impossible for this event to be any more
embarrassing to libertarians. But Ron Paul has surprised me before...

Now that most analysts in the mass media are equating "Tea Party" and
"libertarian" as synonyms (as in "these new Tea Party endorsed candidates
who won Republican primaries in in Colorado, Alaska, etc. are more
libertarian than most Republicans"), I don't know that there's any way the
"Libertarian" brand will survive this. When "libertarian" means anyone who
isn't white has to present papers to prove they're citizens, or else be
arrested, I will stop calling myself a libertarian. (Of course, the Supreme
Court will rule that singling out Latinos for this treatment is
unconstitutional, and so the law will be changed to where we all have to
present papers to prove we're citizens or else be arrested.) I figure that
will happen in time for the 2012 elections at the current rate.

Ron Paul and John Dennis are flat-out wrong on their immigration policy, and
totally out of step with San Francisco voters. I reiterate that it's a
mistake for LPSF to get tied to this, but I know I'm in the minority of our
activists in that opinion. I think that being painted as anti-immigrant
will hurt our organization, but if I've not convinced people of this by now,
I never will.

I'm just glad I'll be out of the state this weekend and will miss what


Hey Sheila,

I plan to attend along with my wife, daughter, and some friends. Mike Denny
and Starchild also have said they will be there. (I'm hoping Ron Getty makes
a surprise appearance.)

I believe we're meeting at 2 PM at the six-armed Buddhist statue. (Mike,
Starchild, please correct me if I'm mistaken about this.)

Please join us.

Warm regards, Michael