Ron Paul as a Libertarian?

Dear All,

Jesse Vetura actually stated on Coast to Coast tonight that he and Ron Paul running as Libertarians (BIG L) would be the way to go. I posted my support. You might want to do same.



“The Body,” we don’t need. He’s spent his time since leaving office
pitching conspiracy theories. I’m trying to remember whether we would
be his third or fourth political party.

Paul, as has been observed here before, is a good deal better than most,
but is still not a libertarian. He would probably get the LP nomination
if he sought it, but I don’t see him doing that; he’ll get far more
exposure for his ideas, and have just as much chance of winning, running
as a Republican.

The Demopub about whom I’m most excited, and would support a
cross-endorsement of, is Gary Johnson. Not sure if he has enough
organization to pull it off, and if anyone has any dirt on him I’d
rather hear it sooner. He impressed a lot of people I respect around here.

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Hi Chris,

I agree with you, if exposure and educating the public is the goal,
running as a Demopublican is the ticket. If you wish to win as a
libertarian, stick to running for an LPSF office.

Both Gary Johnson and Ron Paul have their problems.

Gary Johnson has said although he did not support the wars on Iraq and
Libya, he did support the bombing of Afghanistan. He favors the Govt
mandated inclusion of an ingredients list on packaged food. He also
leaves something to be desired in expressing the radical libertarian
message in a radical way.

He's way better than Ron Paul on immigration, but does not go all the
way to abolishing Big Govt controls on borders. I suspect as Governor
he had additional deviations, which seems required from a "successful"
libertarian politician.

Having said this, I still feel he would make a great VP on Dr. Paul's
ticket, although my first choice for this slot is Judge Andrew

Warm regards, Michael


I share your enthusiasm for Gary Johnson, though he hasn't done anything in the campaign so far that particularly impressed me. Ventura's involvement in conspiracy theories is more of a plus than a minus for me, and I see his style as a great complement to Paul's. But then I always go for the rowdy ones, like Norma Jean Almodovar and Russell Means.


Wow, the more "bad" things people say about Johnson, the more I like him.

Regarding food labeling laws, as a minarchist who supports the use of
government to prevent force and fraud, I really don't see much difference
between saying "it's illegal to call that a bottle of juice if it's mostly
high fructose corn syrup and food coloring" and saying "you must list the
ingredients of your 'juice' on the back of the bottle." If all the federal
government did regarding food was require honest labeling, and got rid of
all the awful subsidies, bans (it's still illegal to sell stevia as a
sweetener in this country), etc., I'd be one happy camper.

It sounds like Johnson might not stay on the "train of liberty" until the
very last stop, but IMHO, he'd stay on longer than Ron Paul, who'd jump off
at Gaymarriageville, which is quite frankly the next stop on the line.

I wonder if Paul would be willing to serve as VP on Johnson's ticket. :slight_smile:

I'm afraid Gary Johnson is bad on same sex-marriage also.

That's not what I've read. What's your source?

I'm sorry I can't remember. I read it recently and was very disappointed, so I remember clearly what my emotions were, but I can't remember where I read it.