Ron Paul $100

Ron Paul $100
    Posted by: "Gary" gary_coplin@... gary_coplin

I am going to conduct an experiment. I am going to ask everyone who
supports DR. Ron Paul to send in $100 to 837 W. Plantation Clute, TX
77531. It can not be more then $100 and it can not be less then $100.
I do not care how U send it. Figure it out with Google.
Please make this a top priority. It needs to be done by end of biz on
March 14. It can not be done after that time. If U can not do it by
that time, then do not send it. Just make it happen. Please forward
this email to everyone else in your email address book file. Please
forward this out to all the yahoo groups that U belong too. The focus
of that yahoo group does not matter. Please do a blast send to all the
chat rooms and buddy list that you have. Regards GaryC