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Hey Ron - So are you advocating North's position or just presenting an anti-gold perspective?

I personally think his arguments are fairy weak and more assertions than anything. I haven't read his other articles though, so I could be missing the meat of his argument. From a technical perspective the current correction has been overdue and shows classic signs of a bull market correction, not a final top and slide into a bear market. His point about the crackup boom and no monetary inflation is way off as well. One just has to look at the CRB index to know it's not flooding in China that is causing globally high prices. Gold hasn't even gone parabolic as of yet, so I think his timing is a bit premature. And that doesn't even factor in intervention by the PPT (which would explain his 'locked step' conundrum).

I agree with his point about not getting too attached to something though and actually appreciate his calls to sell, as it creates a buying opportunity for those who are willing. :slight_smile:


btw - another contrarian view on this topic-