Ron Getty - - - OK!

Dear Ron,

I have added my comments to your answer to me of a few days ago.

Defund and abolish all the alphabet agencies

Does this include the FBI, INS, CIA, SFPD? I think we may have some difficulty selling this to the general public. Perhaps we were not intending to sell this to the general public. Would this be just done by feat?

repeal Social Security and all other welfare programs including Medicare and Medicaid

I was made to pay into social security for many years. I did not want to pay into it but I consider this now to be a contract with the government. I think many people my age consider this to be a contract also. After all, our money was taken from us that we could have invested for our old age. Would you abolish those contracts now? Do you think you can get general support for this?

pull all military personnel out of all countries around the world and bring'm back home - immediatley

What would you expect to happen to all the people now in Iraq who supported the U.S. and helped the U.S. military and voted in the several elections they had there to fight the insurgents and suicide bombers? Would the insurgents say, �Oh, let bygones be bygones - - - we now welcome these people into the Iraqi community? Or would they just kill them? If they killed them would anyone ever trust America again?

cease all corporate welfare

This sounds pretty good and I would agree with it but what happens when you need votes to stay in office and the big corporations offer you billions for campaign expenses? You might not crumble but could you keep all Libertarians in line? How?

cut taxes to the minimum barest littlest tiniest skinniest amount needed to DEFEND us - kill off all mutual military aid programs - cancel all tariff programs and enact total free trade WITHOUT the need for any governmental programs between countries afterall free trade is free trade - repeal all labor laws - repeal all laws put on the books which do not meet strict Constitutional standards - pull out of the United Nations - cut off all funds to all government military contractors and Halliburtin and KBR - do an indepth audit of what they received and get back every penny they took for fraud and embezzlement and chicanery and kick backs and political pay offs and etc etc etc

Free trade - - - does this include the slave trade? Well, I guess if you are doing all this in just six days we will not be required to do it democratically, get congress or the courts involved.

AND then on the Seventh Day I would rest....

That�s good - - - I'm tired already!

Then repeal or defund everything else which got missed the first time around the first

I don't think you need to worry about getting into office with that platform. Is this really what you call a serious discussion?

Best wishes,

Bob Parkhurst - - - PS That is a pretty cute sign but hardly a very serious argument.

Ron Getty

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Dear Robert;

Trust me - Yes - I am deadly serious when I say that is what I would do and you can quote me on that.

Let the chips fall where they may. You have to break the dependency on the do all be all federal government which is none of the above. The federal government is a voracious malignant leech sucking the life blood out of America and Americans through its policies actions words and deeds.

It is better to make a clean quick swift break rather than drag it out. Everything stands as as I said. I will include the following as I forgot to include it the last time around.

Devalue the grerenback dollar by 1,000 to one then go back on the gold standard at $50/troy oz gold.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian.

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