Rob will be late to today's meeting but needs to give Marcy CDs and WSPQ poster [1 Attachment]

Marcy and everyone,

I'll be at the meeting at Glen Park library, but the lamination of the WSPQ
posters is taking longer than I expected, so I will be late -- very late. I
can just promise to be there before 5. And I also have a bunch of these
business card CDs to give you, so please don't end the meeting early and
leave before 5pm. :slight_smile:

(Or else, call my cell - 415-235-0462 - and let me know so I can save the



P.S. Attached is the PDF I wrote for the root folder of the CD, and which I
think should also be included with the letter to the teachers as a printed
page. Look over what's in the 5 folders and maybe you can use some meeting
time to devise a letter to the teachers? Is that a reasonable in-meeting
activism activity?