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Dear UCSF Mike;

Unfortunately op-ed editorial space limits me from having a say so about such things. Yes "professional licensing" is nothing more than a present day version of the medieval guilds which were designed to prevent competiton from outside competitors. With of course the ruling oligarchy and royalty passing laws benefiting and protecting guilds for the proper emoluments and taxes and royalties. Which created artifically jacked up prices and in cases poor craftsmanship and products.

Another latter day version being unions and their guild rules for membership and the concurrent factors in production and cost factors in production - just look at the UAW and the Big Three for those results.

The alternative is if there is going to be such an animal and we are stuck with it don't make all taxpayers pay for the priviledge of "professional licensing" make the licensees pay for the priviledge of state protection from competiton. Which could result in lower prices for consumers.

The weirdest licensing being state authorized licenses for preachers. Since when does the state have the authority to say if a religion should license a preacher or not. The religion should call the shots on that. But then that is the state and religion getting in bed together and then fighting over whom is going to be the groom and whom the bride.

Utlimately the taxpayers being the ones who end up being screwed. : -)

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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Making licensees pay for the privilege of being protected from
competition is the best answer I could imagine.