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The latest issue of the California Libertarian Party - Libertarian Perspective has been published with my op-ed called: Ring The Bell. This is based on the old saying if you could stop all taxes by ringing this bell - would you ring it in a NewYork sec?

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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California's latest reported budget deficit of $28 billion over the next two years is a malignant cancer of unchecked massive redistribution of workers wages stolen by Sacramento's Robbing Hoods. The same workers in turn receive little or no benefit from their earnings forcibly taken from them. Sacramento must cut taxes and spending as a necessity for the state's fundamental well-being.

Ring the Bell
by Ron Getty

California's latest reported budget deficit is expected to reach $28 billion over the next two years. This comes after the disgraceful recently approved $143 billion budget that purportedly fixed an $18 billion deficit. In comparison, 10 years ago, California's budget was $42 billion with no deficit.

The proposed budget deficit fixes include raising and broadening sales taxes, increasing vehicle license fees, imposing an extracted oil tax, and raising excise taxes on beer, wine and liquor. In addition, K-12, University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) funds would be reduced. State employees would have to take required unpaid time off. The truth is these are political gewgaws, gimcracks, and doodads that don't fix a budget deficit.

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Thanks, Ron. But it sounds as though we're advocating professional
licensing fees.