Richmond District Democratic Club

Aubrey, Starchild, others:
Cool!! Discussion group!
Maybe I was a bit rough on JD, but I have seen ideology compromised in the manner of defeated representation, for fifty years,

It doesn't need to be that way. The ideology must be taken to a triumph, even if in a small or otherwise insignificant arena or in an enterprise unrelated to politics if necessary. The triumph establishes a beach-head for the ideology and that becomes news,

As an example, if under the banner of libertarian ideological purity, JD saved the puppies from euthanasia at the Winnemucca dog pound, he would get more votes in San Francisco than a million bucks could buy and get votes from people a million bucks couldn't buy.

And importantly, libertarian ideological gets a foothold.

This is one of several tried and true political strategies that require a level of planning and discipline that goes beyond competing in the usual arenas.


Now that is an interesting idea, John. Do you have an suggested ideas for small arenas in which to achieve these triumphs? And how does one ensure that it is the *ideology* that is taken to a triumph? Do we have (a) knowledge of what it would take to save the puppies from the pound, (b) a good theory of how this would be a newsworthy libertarian triumph, and (c) the resources to do it, or the ability to get the resources?

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))