Richmond District Democratic Club

I called the Dennis campaign to offer my help; that John give me a call to work out the details. There was no call from John and I am not surprised that there was slim attendance. His is a vanity campaign with no political savvy that makes sure the voice of liberty is never heard anywhere but to his campaign supporters...certainly not in congress nor in any other operational strategy to impinge in any way on Pelosi's political landscape. He will be crushed at the polls. He knows it and is doing nothing about it but a glamour exercise, taking-down the hopes of those who would invest their ideologies in his representation by conducting ineffective political forms. And worse, he is giving a losing voice to those ideologies in the court of relevance. This is a ideological suicide, more effective than defeat at the hands of statiast elements. The time to bring out the ideological purity is in the showdown you will win and not as it will expose it
to defeat. Those whom you have educated with that purity will grow old and die, taking it with them.

Except for that, I understand he is a great guy with potential.

John Bechtol


  I think you have the potential makings of a good political comic, but I would prefer you practice your material on someone more deserving, like Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney, or Barack Obama.

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))

P.S. - My guess is that the original plan was simply to meet up with a couple people to shoot a video, and then someone got the idea, hey, why not just invite everybody down who wants to come? And so Pat sent the email to the Ron Paul list the day before, and a couple people showed. During the middle of a weekday, I wouldn't be too surprised many people were unable to make it.

P.P.S. - Not sure why you would want to help John Dennis's campaign if you really feel that way about him, but if you actually do want to help, there will be many more opportunities which I will try to post about here. Or you can always just go with more of a DIY approach, and personally do whatever you believe will most help the cause of liberty which you have the psychic energy, resources, willingness and ability to do. If the latter, please let us know how it goes so that we may learn from you.