Revised LPSF Minutes for 11/12/11 [1 Attachment]

Dear All,

Sorry about my forgetting that Michael E. needs to leave meetings early to catch is transportation. I have moved his presentation and discussion to 4:00. Attached and pasted below is the revised agenda.


Libertarian Party of San Francisco Agenda: Nov 12,

Meeting Location: San Francisco Main Library, 4th

Meeting Starts 3:00

Welcome and Introduction/New Agenda Items 3:05

Officer Reports :10 3:15

Treasurer: Les Mangus

Secretary: Jawj Greenwald

Vice Chair: Ron Getty

Chair: Marcy Berry

Committee Reports :10 3:25

Internet /Social Networking: R.

Initiatives/Ballot Measures: R.
Getty/A. Freedman

Membership: M. Berry

Outreach: Starchild

Political Candidates/Activists’
Report :10 3:35

Announcements :10 3:45

Old Business

Decision on how to announce LPSF elections: M. Berry :05 3:50

November 8 Elections Commentary – :10 4:00

Results, trends, LPSF involvement:

New Business

“Americans Elect” – Who they are, what is their :15 4:15

objective, should LPSF commit to get involved,

if so how can LPSF get involved:
M. Edelstein and All

LPCA Annual Convention: 03/02
-03/04/12 :10 4:25

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ventura:
Who has plans to go,

any information on important topics to be discussed.

Local Party Activity FEC Guidelines:
M. Berry :10 4:35

Recurring Proposal: Guest
speakers at LPSF meetings 10 4:45

Presentation by member Charles Olson
on :10 4:55

reforming the government, and Q&A discussion

December 10 LPSF meeting – Holiday plans? : All :05 5:00