Revealed: The Environmental Impact Of Google Searches

Revealed: The Environmental Impact Of Google Searches
Performing two Google searches from a desktop computer can generate
about the same amount of carbon dioxide as boiling a kettle for a cup of
tea, according to new research.

While I disagree with many Libertarians about climate change being a
myth (George Phillies did a good job of convincing me that it's both
real and caused by human activity), articles like that one betray the
true motives of the people who scream the loudest about climate
change. I have no doubt that, if these people had their way, they'd
revert humanity to something from Ayn Rand's Anthem -- the only
technology allowed would be that which is "approved" by some secretive
council, such that wax candles would be a "new" invention.

Note that the story didn't compare the carbon footprint of a Google
search versus the carbon footprint of having thousands of copies of
every book spread across thousands of bricks-and-mortar libraries,
searchable only via paper card catalogs in wooden card catalog
drawers. And did I mention the carbon footprint of driving to those

People who use climate change to argue against new technology are more
destructive to society than anyone else. Since I can't advocate
eliminating them via the initiation of force, perhaps the best answer
is widespread derision of such Luddites by anyone and everyone?


I'm sorry, I'm constantly forgetting that people expect, when I forward
things, that I believe them and can vouch for their truth. I forwarded
this item because I thought it was funny--both in the sense of amusing,
and in the sense of being suspicious, because such calculations always
involve a lot of assumptions.