Resurrecting the Sonoma/LP ~ first-contact successfully made

We spoke of the absence of LP resources & coordination in local efforts. You mentioned Bo ?? might be able to help.
Will you bring him into this thread so we can begin a conversation about this situation? This audience is all five people of the 750,000 population, in two counties, who still function at the grass roots, plus the usual SF suspects. :slight_smile:



  Thank you for doing this important organizing effort. I hope to make it up there one of these months, mostly a matter being in SF without a car and being free at the right time. I'm copying Beau on this message.

  Here are some potential key word searches that might help you locate additional people active at the local level -- various combinations of the following two sets of names/terms:


There were some calls and a conference call. I think we have resources coordinated through a new deputy VC position for Marin Sonoma Napa counties and a visionary festival at Russian River to focus the organizing.

We'll look at other regions next.

Maybe coordinate with Winston and Richard when Gale can make it to Marin also. This wouldn't have been possible without Dave and Cathi "taking the hill" and "planting the flag".

The address they are showing for the first new meeting is only about two
blocks from the San Rafael Transit Center. The place could not be more
convenient. Much better than the previous place, that could not be reached
without a car.

Sam Sloan