Response to Lysander Spooner on the Constitution

I'm cool with all that. But that is not the answer to the question. It doesn't require a controlled experiment to assess certain dimensions of a condition.

But let me question two inescapable implications of your position.
1) What is the long term difference between a rate of 50 units versus 70? It is the elapsed time between a statism of 50 today and a statism of 2000 in the future. Then what is the difference between a statism of 2000 and the 3500 that would have occurred? Mass executions by starvation instead of machine gun?

This is how we arrived to where we are now: minus 70 plus 20 is still minus 50.

2) ....I need some more time for this one.

2) We have somehow become accustomed to the unacceptable. It would take at least a three hour seminar to begin the exploration of this subject.