Response to Lysander Spooner on the Constitution

All good questions. But they all avoid the question "Is what we are doing delivering liberty?"

If not, then what will? That will determine the answers to the other questions.

There are billionaires looking for a company that can deliver liberty but the only products being offered are government products, ie elections, legislation, regulations, etc.

There must be an alternative.

John, I totally and completely agree with you that everyone, including us, working on objectives should continually review and improve specific plans. That is hardly what is happening on this list. No, I was not avoiding any questions. I was looking for answers, which I did not get.

We all have different styles of communication, and if we are good at florid rhetoric, that is great. After all, this is a discussion, rather than a "to do" list. I just want the general public peeking into this list understands that is what they are looking at.