Resignation as vice chair


Thank you for letting us know. Obviously you and I have had our differences, but I’ve always appreciated your passion and willingness to plunge in and get involved, even when we’ve disagreed. The struggle for freedom continues, and I wish you good luck with your efforts in New York!

I haven’t heard anything to suggest that Libertarian ballot access would be at risk in California if the LP nominates its presidential ticket electronically either. However I would rather see the ExCom do the right thing for the wrong reasons, than otherwise – I don’t believe online nominations are necessary, desirable, or in accord with the party’s rules, and that we would do better to simply have a full in-person convention in July (preferably with allowances for remote participation by those unable or unwilling to attend in person).

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))

From: “Rebecca Lau [lpsf-activists]”

Posted by: Starchild

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