Requested meetings / City Hall activism

My purpose in being at City Hall was mainly to attend Ballot Simplification Committee hearings, which I wish I'd managed to do earlier last week. I did weigh in yesterday on proposed measures to increase the parcel tax to fund "quality" early childhood development (it annoyed me that they stuck that subjective and leading term in the ballot summary, but it was too late to get that wording fixed), letting the SFPD use Tasers, and providing "free" legal representation (at taxpayer expense, natch) to people facing eviction. Did anyone make it to any of the BSC's proceedings?

  While in the building, I also managed to find a Board of Supervisors Land Use Committee hearing, and a Planning Commission hearing, and spoke at both during public comment. The funny thing about the Planning Commission hearing was how I found out about it – while in Supervisor Kim's office to request a meeting with her, her aides had the TV on in the reception area, tuned to the SFGOV channel of course, and on the screen testifying before the PC was none other than Sonja Trauss. :slight_smile:

  One other amusing anecdote was a brief conversation I had with "Marty" (I think that's what he said his name was), an aide to "my" (District 8) Supervisor Jeff Sheehy. Evidently he was somewhat familiar with the LP (even claimed to have heard of the Non-Aggression Principle), and had some differences of opinion. He asked me whether I thought he was evil to be working for the government, and I said it depends what effect his work there is having. I said if his net impact is increasing the amount of freedom in society, tilting the balance of power toward the people and away from government, then no, but if his net impact is increasing the power of government relative to the people, then maybe yes. He also asked me if it was okay for children to see someone shooting up heroin on the street, and I said yes. I think that straight answer left him a bit flummoxed. :slight_smile: I explained that I don't think children should be shooting up heroin, but simply seeing someone else doing it is not harming them. As long as force is not being initiated, we should live and let live.

Love & Liberty,
                                  ((( starchild )))

Go are the best Outreach director ever.


Hi Starchild and All. Count me in for when you can organize something with
any of the supervisors or the Examiner. I would even take some time off
work to do it. It's good for the politicians and news folks to know that
we're alive and kicking. Marcy and I had a great discussion with two folks
at the Examiner on the ballot measures a few years ago, though in the end
of course all their recommendations were the opposite of the LPSF's
stances. No surprise on that!