Request to other Ron Paul supporters...

Dear Wine Mike;
Thank you for the generosity and your support of the LPSF in the name of Dr. Ron Paul.
Dr. Mike how about you and a matching contribution in the name of Dr. Ron Paul? And the same for all the other Dr. Ron Paul supporters. How about it Dr. Ron Paul supporters?
BTW how about adding an extra zero at the end of the $100 and then we can use the funds to start the postcard campaign we previously discussed and authorized subject to funds to go after undecideds and so on this being an election year coming up and a few new Libertarians would sure be nice in our battles to against the Pelosi Machine for Congress.
Indirectly the non-partisan (un hunh) campaigns for Supervisors 6 seats are up for election all the odd numbered districts 1 McGoldrick termed out - 3 Peskin termed out - 5 Mirkarimi up for re-election - 7 Elsbernd termed out- 9 Ammiano termed out - 11Sandoval termed out

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

That's all fine and good Ron...but how come you are only requesting
those who support Dr. Paul to pick up the tab? Didn't you just recommend
we remove our dialogue from the list? What's it going to be?

I've always been happy to give to the cause but singling Dr. Paul
supporters out for both funding the LPSF while simultaneously asking
them to voluntarily remove themselves from the discuss list doesn't
connect if you ask me.