Request for Reconsideration of Proposed Language of Business Taxes to Fund Homeless Services Measure

The message below apparently never sent properly – just got back a bounce notice this afternoon. I'm not going to try to re-attach the screen shots, which apparently caused the problem. The stuff I filed can be viewed on the Ballot Simplification Committee website at–-november-6-2018-consolidated-general-election (under "Information About Local Ballot Measures")..

  On an unrelated matter, there was a rally outside City Hall on Wednesday in favor of the hotel tax arts set-aside measure; I noticed a TV cameraperson packing up afterward, and asked if he wanted to interview an opponent of the measure. He was amenable, and recorded me speaking for 30 seconds to a minute or so. He told me the broadcast was scheduled for 5pm or 6pm that night, but I later checked the website he gave me ( and could not find anything at all on the topic. If anybody happened to catch such a broadcast, please let us know!

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