Request for presentation regarding San Francisco ballot measuress E Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and G Additional Transfer Tax on Residential G Property Sold Within 5 Years of Purchase

Hi All. Does anyone else want to help present the LPSF side on Props E (beverage tax) and G (flipping apartment buildings)? Starchild has indicated he wants to speak regarding C ("Children's" Fund) and other measures if they want our viewpoint, but he might not be able to make it, so better to have some back-ups, just to be on the safe side. Since the meeting appears to be on the short side, we could also go out for dinner afterwards in the area. Extra support for our presenters never hurts either.

Hi Aubrey

I am willing to commit to going and speaking on G or C (barring a piano falling on my head or similar event). But not to preparing as stand by (we all have schedules).