Request for LP support for Ron Paul for President

Please send this out to LP members and to your State and local LP affiliates.

  Dear Libertarian Party members,

    The members of the LP have a very important decision to make. It is a decision which could, literally, change the future of these United States and beyond. Making this decision will require an examination of priorities. As libertarians, what do Libertarian Party members desire most to accomplish through the electoral process? If our goal is greater liberty, how do we best achieve that end? Most libertarians understand the answer to that question lies in educating individuals about the meaning of liberty and what attitudes and actions are consistent or inconsistent with liberty.

    Libertarians have long used the Libertarian Party as a vehicle to enter into public debates and other forums and be a voice for liberty where otherwise there would be none. To a large degree, winning elections to public office has been somewhat of a secondary goal for Libertarian candidates. What was more important, was disseminating information and getting the ideas of liberty out where they could be reached by the masses. Obtaining office is also a win, for it allows us to prolong that educational period and actually make positive changes to the system.

    Most people in these United States are stuck on party labels. Many don't know how their governments work. Sadly many more don't care. The share of the population which votes is a small minority and most will simply vote the Party line that they always have. There are swing voters, but most of those swing from Republican to Democrat with little thought of what lies between. For them, the priority has become less to do with specific ideologies and more about "our" team winning. Politics, for those who are loyal to their party, has become little more than another competition where the only thing that matters, regardless of the consequences, is that "our" team wins. It's an unfortunate statement on the US people, but even more unfortunate is that we libertarians can also get caught up in party labels. I believe libertarians to be of higher intelligence than most folks, and therefore are less likely to get stuck in the rut of mindlessly rooting for a party label, rather than the individual or that individual's ideology.

    There is a strong possibility that Ron Paul will make a run for the Presidency in 2008. I don't think I have to enumerate to libertarians all the ways that having Ron Paul in the White House would be good. His record stands for itself. He has consistently been the strongest advocate for liberty, limited government and peace to occupy a position in Washington, DC in any of our lifetimes, at least. I would highly recommend, for anyone unfamiliar with Dr. Paul, an internet search for "Ron Paul" and learn about the man and his beliefs. You will find some things with which you disagree. That's inevitable. However, take a measurement of how often he fearlessly defies the odds to speak out and vote for libertarian ideals. Take a look at how his moral and ethical compass consistently overrides the temptation to use his position for the benefit of his constituents at the cost of others. He adheres to the Constitutional definition of his Congressional job description and remains unbeholden to special interest groups. In fact, lobbyists don't even waste their time knocking on Ron Paul's office door. They know there is no wealth or privilege to be bought from "Dr. No." Ron Paul also consistently receives a greater percentage of his election contributions from individuals than anyone else in the beltway.

    Do I believe that getting Ron Paul elected President in 2008 will be the magic bullet which miraculously ends Socialism and Imperialism in the US and brings forth an era of a libertarian Utopia? Unfortunately, no. However, I do believe that it would be a giant leap forward in the education of many who have sadly been brainwashed to have faith in the theory of central government, corporatism, militarism and collectivism, and I can see a rolling back of many of the negative policies and consequences which we have allowed to have been imposed upon us.

    The Libertarian Party and it's members must choose their priorities. Do they want to root for the Libertarian label? Which I'm sorry to say holds a slim chance for Presidential victory in the near future. Or do they move the libertarian philosophy onto center stage and elect a libertarian President regardless of the label he wears? It is most likely that Ron Paul will run on the Republican Party's ticket, but please look at the great possibility that we have. This is a time when prudence calls for swallowing a little party pride and letting the world see what is really important to libertarians.

    I humbly ask that the national LP not field a Presidential candidate in 2008 and instead publicly endorse and financially support Ron Paul for President. State and local LPs, we have the chance to make a real difference. This is a good start; . How many more are willing to put their voice behind someone who will and can fight for freedom at a time when it is so sorely needed? Put you support behind the man and the ideals for which he stands.

    Support Ron Paul for President in 2008.

  Thank you,
  Bryan Morton
  3952 S. E. Coquina Dr.
  Stuart, FL 34997