Request for Agenda Item

Hi Aubrey and All,

I am wondering if at our next LPSF meeting we could discuss possible ideas for our next campaign, now that Tax Day is behind us. What I am thinking is a focused objective until the November elections. Maybe as issues come up, we could study, discuss, and dismiss or adopt. The media has been talking about proposals to amend the Airbnb ordinance signed by Mayor Lee and bonds for affordable housing. The bonds in my view are a NO, but Airbnb is a questionable. Sonja Trauss asked whether we intended to get involved in the Airbnb issue (she does not think BARF should). My personal opinion is that the current ordinance seems reasonable. Progressives seem to want no Airbnb at all. Note that in Airbnb we are not just talking about an older widow renting out a room in her home to tourists to make ends meet. Here is a link to the current ordinance.

On the subject of homelessness and innovative solutions brought up by Starchild at dinner yesterday, I am not sold on the Georgian model, but could look more into the "Destiny Bridge" idea. Marcy