Republicans for Obama

By Paul Craig Roberts
Elect Obama Or Fall Into Tyranny
Obama's election would signify the electorate's rejection of Bush and
the Republicans. Considering the cowardice of the Democratic Congress
and its reluctance to hold a criminal regime accountable, electoral
defeat is the only accountability that the Bush Republicans are likely
to experience. It is not sufficient accountability, but at least it is
some accountability.

Dismayed Republicans Emerge As Barack Obama Supporters
WHAT do the daughter of Richard Nixon, a speechwriter for Ronald Reagan
and the son of Milton Friedman, the monetarist economist, have in
common? They are all Obamacons: conservatives, Republicans and free
market champions who support Barack Obama, the Democratic party nominee,
for president.

It's good to see a longtime, high-profile Republican like Paul Craig Roberts writing a piece like this, even if I disagree with him that voting for Obama is the answer.

Love & Liberty,
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