Report of LPSF Meeting 04/12/08

Dear All,

Here is what transpired at today's meeting.



Minutes of the LPSF Meeting - April 12, 2008
Present: Marcy Berry (presiding), Michael Edelstein, Tim Kuklinsky

Guests: Tuan A. Nguyen, Peter Schoewe, Bill

Prior to the start of the business meeting, Tuan spoke about the
"Restore Hetch Hetchy Valley Project." His organization is lobbying
for the removal of the O'Shaughnessy Dam, flooded in 1923 to provide
water and hydroelectric power to part of the San Francisco Bay area
and two central valley irrigation districts. The aim of Restore Hetch
Hetchy is to return the valley to its natural state before
construction of the dam. To contact Tuan e-mail

Peter Schoewe of East Bay Libertarian Party announced a River Raft
Trip starting in Oakdale, May 17 - 18, 2008. To contact Peter call
him at (925) 890-2735.

Bill, who preferred not to give out his contact information, is a
retired Marine, who read about the Libertarian Party in Playboy
Magazine (he quoted an interview with LP National Chair William
Redpath). Bill came to the LPSF meeting to find out for himself if
Libertarians really do subscribe to the points of view mentioned in
the Playboy article. I believe we parted amicably after a very
spirited discussion on drugs, same-sex marriage, crime, parenting
responsibilities, and the sorry state of San Francisco schools.

Welcome and Introductions

Officer Reports

Officers were attending a Libertarian Party of California event in
Treasurer's Report: Marcy Berry reported that bank balance remained
unchanged from the last LPSF meeting, since the Pizza Fund covered the
pizza purchase. Petty cash (undeposited change) was $2.50.

New Business

Given that there were only three members in attendance, there were no
volunteers for the following events: Tax Day Protest April 15, JSA
Convention April 26, Pride Festival June 28-29, and hosting Spring
Social. Marcy announced that Rob Power offered to host the Spring
Social if there were no other volunteer hosts; the Agenda included the
dates suggested by Rob, and members were encouraged to tell Rob their
preferred date. Given Tuan's Hetch Hetchy presentation, the subjects
that did materialize for the Agenda, and the absence of current lists,
Marcy decided not to engage those present in the original plan of
writing letters to prospects.

An interesting discussion ensued on LPSF participation in local fairs
(excepting the Pride Festival). Marcy noted that most fairs expect
booths belonging to either non-profit organizations or to vendors; and
if fairs do not accept booth applications from political parties, then
what course of action should the LPSF take. Marcy suggested creating
an informal group, separate from the LPSF, to distribute libertarian
literature. Tim Kuklinsky suggested that such group should not appear
to be a front for the LPSF; he suggested that LPSF find a non-profit
libertarian-philosophy group to work with at fairs (eg ISIL). Michael
Edelstein suggested the LPSF use the name of Lawrence Samuel's group,
Libertarians for Peace. Marcy suggested bringing up this subject and
these suggestions at the May LPSF meeting.