REPORT - Headlands Institute for 2007 Convention

OK Gang,

The Center has these dates open...they actually have many more but I
thought we'd stick with the usual end of Feb early Mar for the time

Feb 23,24 and 25th

Mar 2, 3 and 4th also

We can make arrangements to stay until as late as 6-7PM Sunday night but
they don't serve dinner or have guests stay over Sunday PM.

They have buffet style feeding with lots of variety...soup bars,
sandwich bars and hot plates. At $74 per day, it will only cost about
$148 per person for two days of room and board plus the meeting room.
I'm working on a plan for shuttle service from the major airports to the

A 25% deposit based on our predictions is due with the signing and we
have until two weeks before the event to get the final numbers. This is
very reasonable and flexible if you ask me.

The conference room can easily accommodate up to 150 but they've had as
many as 230 in the room.

ACTION ITEM - As I've never organized a convention before, someone needs
to tell us what key roles need to be staffed. Then we need to staff
them. So far as I know, Gail has had the most experience so maybe she
can get back to us with that list so we can start organizing.

Michael Denny

Libertarian Party of San Francisco

(415) 986-7677 x123

Our contact at the conference center is: