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Sarosh has the details….

Hi Starchild,

There was some data put together by Todd Rydstrom at the SF Chamber of
Commerce; also see the handouts from Fiona Ma's Budget hearings earlier this year,
which is the basis of the stats. The SF City Budget Office is obviously the
original source. It is also consistent with the data put out by Committee on
Jobs "Budget Myths" paper, which I think you have a copy of (and is on their
website, i cd email to you if nec, 5MB pdf file).

The calcs are fairly easy -- total City personnel costs of abt $ 2.4billion,
divided by abt 30K employees (this was in the Fiona Ma handouts).

Actually, I believe that City headcount topped at abt 32K about a year or so
ago, now been cut down somewhat, though more to go.

btw, the Imprimis paper is a true eye opener -- here is the weblink,
( .

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