Remote viewing


What do you think of the Randi demonstration Starchild describes?

Warm regards, Michael


I am not sure this particular group that you addressed is going to be able to answer your questions. For answers, consider spending some time on the Far Sight Institute website. There are tons of resources there. Why not consult the experts? Answers are at your fingertips.

Also consider viewing the Mars and Iapetus sessions. Glimpses at answers are there. I am asking YOU, as you ask of others, to have an open mind. What we don't know about how the universe works far exceeds what we do know.


For as long as their have been humans who have been able to tap into extraordinary abilities of perception, there have been humans trying to falsely emulate that ability for profit. Think of the tarot card, crystal ball and tea leaf readers preying on people's intense needs for answers, charging princely sums for total bunk. Think of the false mediums who use shills to feed them information about various members of the audience, or who make statements that have a statistical probability of apply to someone in the audience. With an audience of a 100 people, there's bound to be someone whose father or grandfather or great grandfather "Frank" or "Frankie" or "Francis" died sometime in the past, right?
But just because there ARE fakesters out there doesn't mean there aren't people whose abilities are the real deal. My late husband's mother was a psychic/remote viewer. Len told me about dozens of experiences he had with her and her ability. Law enforcement contacted her often for help on cases. In one case they were looking for a mobster who went missing. When the police came knocking, she apologized and told them she couldn't help this time, it just wasn't coming to her. After they left, Len asked why she lied to them. She said that if she told them and it got back to the rival mob who had ratted them out, she and her whole family would be in danger. Len asked her to tell him and his brother where the missing mobster was. She said the mobster was dead in the trunk of a vehicle that she described in great detail, including exact location. When the body was finally found, they read about it in the paper and it was exactly where she said it would be.

Then there was the time a friend complained about his bicycle being stolen. She told the friend and Len exactly where to wait (in a park with an eye on a particular tree) and at what time. She said the thief would prop the bicycle up against that tree and depart for a time and that was when they could retrieve it, and that's exactly what happened. I could go on and on. She was the real deal. He had inherited some of her ability but he was afraid of it so he actively tried to suppress it.
Just because YOU don't have remote viewing abilities doesn't mean that NOBODY does. (Remote viewers will tell you that everyone has the potential ability, they just need to be taught how to access it.)