REMINDER - Various upcoming events of interest

The following are some upcoming events in SF, the Bay Area, and California of possible interest to local libertarians:

• August 18 (7-9pm): (non-libertarian event) Commonwealth Club hosts SFDebate Meetup on immigration question; people often go for drinks afterward (see; $5 or free with club membership; I may be a presenter for the open borders position
• August 19 (6-8pm): (non-libertarian event) Meeting to discuss priorities for spending park bond money, San Francisco City Hall Room 305; free
• August 28 (7-10pm): All-party candidates debate for district 10 congressional seat, Little Theater of Las Positas College, 3303 Collier Canyon Rd., Livermore, CA 94551; no LP candidate running, but panel asking questions includes Contra Costa LP chair Cory Nott; free, donations encouraged
• August 29 (530pm-9pm?): The Libertarian Party of California is throwing a fundraising event in Carmel with former presidential and gubernatorial candidate Ed Clark (see; $25 per person before Aug. 22
• August 29 (9am-2pm): The Mises Institute is holding a one-day conference at the Intercontinental Hotel on Howard Street in SF (see; normally $85, discount $60 rate available, write me back for more details
• September 27 (1-4pm): The East Bay LP is holding their annual "Wine & Liberty" event at a vineyard in Castro Valley (see, click on "Activities & Events", and scroll down for details); $20??
• October 2-4: An experimental "seasteading" project led by the grandson of Milton Friedman is hosting a festival in the Sacramento river delta (see; $20-$100 sliding scale

Love & Liberty,
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