Reminder - SF Liberty Coalition event tonight - San Francisco candidates & ballot measures - 50 Mason Street, 7-9pm (3rd Thursdays each month)

Just a quick reminder that the first San Francisco Liberty Coalition event happens tonight!

WHEN: TONIGHT, Thursday July 21, 7-9pm
WHERE: 50 Mason Social House (50 Mason Street between Market & Eddy), 1 block from Powell Street BART
WHAT: Hear from candidates for mayor, district attorney, and sheriff, as well as proponents and opponents of ballot measures

  Want to see local government in San Francisco adopt more pro-freedom policies and become less of a burden on residents and visitors? Would you like the authorities to leave people alone more often and try to control them less often? It's possible -- the only constant in life is change. But to make it happen, people who care about freedom need to engage in local politics. Let's come together and achieve critical mass so together we can have an impact and make our voices heard!

  Whether you can attend tonight or not, please join the SF Liberty Coalition Meetup group, and let your friends know about our events. Meetups happen at 50 Mason Social House the 3rd Thursday evening each month.

  SF Liberty Coalition events are always FREE and open to the public!

  ¡Viva Libertad!

Love & Liberty,
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Hi Starchild,

Did you mean that you were thinking that the subject might be the proliferation of SF commissions? Were you thinking of a debate, such as a commissioner arguing in favor of the process and an LPSF member against (no, I am not volunteering to be such member)? We both also mentioned the civil grand jury, which I feel sometimes is nothing but a glorified commission. And if we tie those ideas to politicians often using commissions, as the article you posted mentions, to promote their pet projects, then you have a reason to invite Jeff Adachi to argue in favor of the civil grand jury (maybe also commission) process! You would also have a current-events type of forum by choosing an elections-related topic.

Whatever you choose as a theme, I would suggest getting the word out in the next few days, so there is time to piblicize.



  The topic as I conceive it is not just the proliferation of
commissions, but the basic dysfunctionality of the whole commission
system from the p.o.v. of the public. My hope is to get the author of
the SF Weekly piece (Joe Eskenazi) to come and talk about the current
situation as reported in his article (that would serve as the broader,
libertarian look at the issue), and then for the second segment (the
part focused on getting into the nuts and bolts of an issue locally),
Supervisor Jane Kim or someone from her office, since the article says
she plans to look into "whether we have more commissions than we
really need". Perhaps also one or more people who currently sit or
formerly sat on city commissions. But Joe is the one I'm most
interested in hearing from, so if he's not available on August 18,
then I'll try to schedule the topic for another month instead.

Love & Liberty,
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Thar sounds pretty good. Taking one piece of the SF gov at the time and showing how things can be done better might be an interesting framework for your forun.


Yes, that's sort of the idea -- taking *one local political issue* at
a time and talking about what's wrong with the status quo and what
ought to be done.

Love & Liberty,
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