Reminder: LP Chat Tonight

times now, I suggest we change the LP chats to be monthly instead of
weekly. <

You seem to assume low attendance results from Chats scheduled too
frequently. A competing hypothesis involves the short notice.

What is your evidence posting Chats a few weeks--rather than one
day--in advance, when people still have availabilities, would not
increase attendance?

Best, Michael

I don't recall saying it would not. :slight_smile:
But it sounds like you are saying it will. Perhaps you could host a consecutive series of weekly meetings on a Wednesday at 7pm with several weeks notice for each to test your theory?

-- Steve

I appreciate the thought. In order to remain gainfully employed,
however, I regretfully decline.

Best, Michael

How about this?:

- you put out the announcements 3 weeks, 1 day and the same day in advance

- and I'll be the host if:
   - it's at La Mediterranee, Cafe Bagdad or Cafe Flore
   - someone else will volunteer to be the host if I can't make it one night (Dave?)

-- Steve

Steve, Michael - Some thoughts on this-

The interesting byproduct of the chat hosts - 'free
market' model is that over time we should see trends
on why some chats are more successful than others.

While I do agree that some degree of advanced notice
is required for best attendance, I suspect that
choosing interesting topics is by far the biggest
factor in motivating people to attend. Maybe I'm wrong
and there are other reasons but if my memory holds
true, I believe there has only been one officially
cancelled week this year so far...

In any event, I will continue to help coordinate
future hosts, update the calendar and fill in when I
can. Perhaps I should publish some recommendations for
chat hosts as well that include marketing ideas,
deadlines, etc..

Best Regards,


--- Steve Dekorte <steve@...> wrote:


I will try to continue to give a few weeks notice when I host a Chat.

Best, Michael