Reminder: Jim Elwood/ISIL Housewarming Party Today

Dear All,

Reminder of Jim's party today, Friday December 2, 6 pm, 6 Gonzalez Dr , San Francisco.



  Darn, I screwed up and missed this, because I had thought the LPC
ExCom meeting in SoCal was today, and so had assumed I couldn't make
it because I'd be driving down yesterday. When I discovered I'd been
mistaken and the meeting is actually tomorrow, meaning I am just
leaving this afternoon, I forgot that this meant I could have gone to
the party last night. Oh well, c'est la vie. Thanks for posting a
reminder anyway. Who all showed up?

  Glad to hear Jim is trying to resurrect the Riggenbachs' beer busts
as a regular thing, and I'm looking forward to future events although
that location across town from me won't be as convenient to get to as
theirs was. His new place is right down the block from you though,
isn't it? With you and he and Bart, maybe you guys could start a pro-
freedom neighborhood group in Park Merced!

Love & Liberty,
                                    ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

Jim would have been happy to see you. I was the only LPSF'r at the party, even though Jim invited all of us; the other guests were Jim's old friends. I had a very nice time. Jim is pretty busy keeping ISIL active without much help; but in spite of that, he said he is planning to have a get together once a month, beer busts most likely.

Regarding your suggestion about a pro-freedom neighborhood group in Parkmerced, my personal feeling is that forming such a group would have the chance of a smoothie in Hades. Residents are currently too busy trying to overturn Parkmerced's plan to demolish the garden apartments; because according to my esteemed neighbors, "housing is a right," because "the government should do something about this," etc.