Remembering Ron Crickenberger - Steve Dasbach

Early Tuesday morning, my good friend and colleague, Ron
Crickenberger, succumbed to cancer.

A Minuteman with musket and tri-corner hat graces the cover
of the Libertarian Party's campaign manual, which Ron
created. In my mind, that Minuteman will always be Ron

Instead of a musket, Ron wielded the weapons of modern
politics in the service of Lady Liberty: petitions, polls,
phone banks, debates, T.V. ads, and good old-fashioned shoe

It is said that some of the strongest bonds of friendship
are forged among soldiers in the heat of battle. That was
certainly the result of spending two decades in the heat of
the battle for liberty with Ron Crickenberger.

For Ron, politics was all about people. People impoverished
by the IRS. People imprisoned for smoking a joint instead
of having a drink. People denied the right to life-saving
medicine, or to the means to defend themselves and their
loved ones.

The quest for liberty - everyone's liberty -- was Ron's
passion. His enthusiasm was contagious, infecting thousands
of Libertarians with the desire to run for office,
volunteer for campaigns, and willingly contribute their
hard-earned money to the cause of freedom.

As a former teacher, I appreciated Ron's ability to
communicate libertarian ideas. I especially liked "Ron's
Law of Economics: In order to get what you want, you have
to give up some of what you've got."

Ron gave everything he had to the cause he believed in so
passionately, and he received something priceless in return
- the love and respect of everyone whose life he touched.
His dream and his legacy will continue to live on, wherever
free men and women stand up and fight for liberty.

Steve Dasbach
Campaign Manager
Gary Nolan for President