Remember Who You Are - David Icke at Wembley Arena

I highly recommend the 4-part series listed in the subject line. In my humble opinion, these are required viewing for all peoples of the earth. I found it on Amazon Prime. It might be available elsewhere as well. Watch it while you still can. I think they have already taken down the first one, which is most unfortunate. But you know how it is these day. The truth is not allowed. Only fake news is allowed.

David Icke was ridiculed for decades, but now that so many things he explained and predicted have borne out, he is finally being taken seriously, as well he should be. People thought he came up with all of those "crazy" (true) ideas all on his own, but that was never true. He is actually a damn good journalist/researcher/investigator. He follows his natural curiosity wherever it takes him, and connects the dots.
If you want to know how the world REALLY works, watch these videos, and take notice that EVERY claim he makes he backs up with research, expert opinions. Also realize that in this short series he can only touch tiny molecules at the tops of dozens of icebergs. Trust me, however, every concept but one that he explores in this series I personally have investigated myself and have found ample documentation. I was pleased to learn the one thing I didn't already know (about Saturn). Absolutely fascinating!!

If you think ANYTHING in these lectures is "crazy", don't dismiss it right away. Do the research. If you are not good at research, write to me. I can send you links to information on every single topic but one (the one I didn't already know).
He does such a great job of pulling it all together and explaining how it all makes sense once you understand who/what is/are behind all of the ills of mankind.
Nina Whitehurst