Remember when I sent that email a couple years ago about the anti-Fundamentalism movie?

A couple years back, I sent an email to the lists about a movie producer
who was doing a film critical of religious fundamentalists but who was
being blocked at every turn by the big studios, so she was raising money
on the Internet. Anyway, I gave a hundred bucks, sort of not really
expecting to ever see that money again, but happily writing the check to
get a dig in at the fundamentalists.

Well, she finished the movie. And I think it's quite good (not
Schindler's List good, but on par with a good network TV movie -- and
you get to see Michael Dorn act without Klingon makeup), and in an
effort to unload inventory before her distributor is bought by (which will return all 7000 DVDs to her), she's offering to
give $5 to the Council for Secular Humanism for each DVD sold. I know
there are a few secular humanists on this list, so I thought I'd forward
along the offer. (Alternately, you can just get a $5 discount by using
a different code, but I think the donation is just another way to stick
it to the fundamentalists.)

Anyway, best of luck with the Governator signing (or at least refusing
to veto) your equal marriage law. Here in Massachusetts, our
legislature is voting on whether to amend the constitution to ban equal
marriage on September 14. And we just got word that the AG approved a
new petition for banning equal marriage (with no civil unions, either --
the one on September 14 at least adds civil unions) for the 2008
ballot. Needless to say, Kai and I, as well as Outright Libertarians
and other groups, are keeping busy in the politics.

I'm hoping my boss will fly me back to San Francisco for another office
visit in October or November, so I'll let you know in advance, and maybe
we can do another dim sum outing or something similar.