Religious groups oppose male circumcision ban for San Francisco | Dan Schreiber | Local | San Francisco Examiner

Thanks, Ron. I agree.


Instead of just discussing it amongst ourselves, as we've already
done online, I suggest we invite proponents and opponents of the
measure to come present to us (say 5 minutes each). That is the kind
of thing that helps put the LPSF on the political map, allows us to
potentially cultivate allies, etc.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

Be my guest and invite folks, if you like. I will try to keep a serious and interested look; and not ask how come circumcision, and not immunization, tonsolectomy, automatic appendectomy, forced schooling (horribly painful for some little kids).


I could invite someone to oppose prohibition.

Marcy, would we do this during the business or social hour (I usually
am unable to attend the latter)?

Warm regards, Michael

For those on the list who have been around more than my ten years:

When was the last time LPSF publicly backed a City Hall ban on anything? I
don't recall any cases since 2001, but I'm wondering if there were any cases
prior to then.

Hi Rob,

Yes, I would also be curious, since I came in at the same time you did.


Hi Michael, Starchild, Ron, and All,

I would invite guests during the regular business meeting; not only because some of us cannot stay for socials, but also because it always strikes me as a little disrespectful to invite someone to speak while everybody is chomping on pizza.

If you all like, I can set aside 1/2 hour of the next meeting, maybe the last 1/2 hour -- ten minutes for pro, 10 minutes for against, and 10 minutes for Q&A. Please let me know if you have specific alternative suggestions.

If Michael can invite someone to oppose prohibition, is there anyone who would like to speak in favor, or invite someone to speak in favor?

Ron, you asked that this subject be placed on the agenda earlier. Would you like to introduce/explain the proposal before the guests speak? And maybe at the following meeting discuss strategies to publicly oppose, support, or stay out of, depending on the membership's views after we hear the pros/cons?

I suggest that if we want to do all this at the next meeting, the plans and speakers be all set and confirmed by May 7th, when the agenda is scheduled to go out, and there is time left to publicize the event. We would not want guests to show up, and find themselves addressing 3 people.


Dear Marcy;

First - Main Point : Find out if the Dept Elections has verified that the
initiative has been approved to go on the ballot or where they stand in the
verification process.

Second - If approved get a copy of the initiative for all to read BEFORE the
LPSF business meeting so cogent pro and con questions can be asked.

Little stepping stones need to be done first.

Ron Getty

Dear Ron,

Thank you. However, would what we do not depend on the purpose of the proposed LPSF debate? I was assuming the debate was to get an early start in opposing/supporting an initiative that as the press is indicating "seems to be heading for the November ballot." The way I understand it, the Department of Elections would not know for certain where any proposition stood until around August, since deadline for submission is July.

If folks on this list want an early debate, and if the debaters are all confirmed and ready to debate by May 7th, having the debate on the agenda is OK with me.

If folks on this list wish to wait until the proposal is officially on the ballot, that is OK too.