Reason piece on Putin's anti-libertarian agenda

It could be Superman or Lex Luther, to represent the superficial, analysis of the conditions in binary terms of one figure.
In the real world, KGB and the Army, with the Communists Party and the oligarchs , are competing for control of resources and industry, in a land of organized crime.
Meanwhile The U.S. War Party is using Putin for its boogeyman, to sustain its control of money for itself.

That's a good point – people are often too prone to focus on the role of one person (historians call this the "great man" theory of history). Conspiracy theories are often fueled by this tendency, I think. Easier to blame everything on the machinations of a Donald Trump, or George Soros, or Vladimir Putin, or even a defined group like the Trilateral Commission, or the British royal family, or the Jews, than to think about the nuances of impersonal institutional forces and behavioral incentives. Definitely there are institutional forces at work in Russia, as elsewhere, and it's tough to know exactly how much power a dictator like Putin has. I think it's a safe bet though to say that he has significantly more power to make other people in his regime or in Russia generally do what he wants them to do, than a U.S. government president does.

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