Reason Magazine LIES Again - further proof it is DC Propaganda

This truly awful article follows the CIA pay-to-playbook for the ongoing
regime change effort by both parties and is further proof that Reason
Magazine is a propaganda rag. They throw out libertarian limited hangouts
and then lie through their teeth to get Libertarians to go along with US
imperialistic aggression.Ugh.

The whole "socialism failed" thing is just propaganda - it's ALL lies. The
worst part of the State of the Union was when everyone stood for
random-guy-named-Juan, reinforcing that the RD monoparty is all on bard
with the US's attempt to steal oil on behalf of the Koch brothers. As for
Random-Guy-Named-Juan, how the hell is this guy supposed to be "President?"
Venezuela's constitution provides for a Vice-President - Tareck El Aissami.
No, it's a CIA-trainee from the National Endowment for Democracy who is
trying to steal on behalf of a whole bunch of Crooks in Miami.

Everyone who works at Reason know they are shills for the State Dept. They
get these types of articles like a "pre-written-obituary" from the State
Dept. or the CIA and are forced to put their names on it or they lose their
job. Nothing in this article is true.

The people profiled in the article don't even exist.


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